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Switching to WordPress? We make it seamless. Our WordPress Migration service transfers your website to WordPress smoothly and efficiently. It's a move you'll be glad you made.

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Efficient WordPress Migration Services by Becker Design serving Saskatoon and entire Canada

Hassle-free WordPress migration

Are you considering moving your WordPress site to a new host but worried about data loss? Have you tried migrating your site only to see it break or experience downtime? Or did your migrated site end up missing essential features?

These scenarios are more common than you might think. Here are some of the typical issues we hear about WordPress Migration, and we're here to ensure they don't happen to you.

Guardians of your data

Becker Design is here to put your WordPress Backups worries to rest. We mean it.

With 15 years of experience in securing WordPress websites, we have an unmatched depth of understanding of the platform. Our efforts have led to the creation of industry-leading backup services, benefitting a wide range of clients from all across Canada. We're eager to let you in on all the WordPress Backups solutions, and can't wait to show you how we can safeguard your data. Here are a few ways we support our clients with their WordPress websites.

Ready for a smooth WordPress migration?

Becker Design is a leading Canadian WordPress Migration expert.

We ensure a hassle-free, secure migration of your WordPress site with zero downtime. Reach out to schedule a consultation and secure a free quote.

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  • If you own a business and want your website to stand out from your competitors you should really give Becker Design & Media a try. Bryn really knows his stuff. As a business owner myself, I can tell Bryn is very passionate about his work and not just doing it for the money. * * * * * * * * * * 10 stars hands down….

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    Exploring Further

    More Services Related to WordPress Migration

    If you're looking at WordPress Migration, you'll probably be interested in these other services we also provide. When we design and develop new websites from scratch, those projects usually involve a little bit of everything you see here, and more.

    Featured Project

    Legal Aid Saskatchewan

    Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides “accessible and professional legal services in criminal and family law to eligible people.”

    The Legal Aid Saskatchewan website needed to be ultra simple, clean, modern, and professional. The previous website was out of date and visitors were finding it difficult to find critical information. We redesigned the site with an emphasis on highlighting that critical info, while making it effortless to locate and navigate to the site’s key areas.

    The site is designed to be understandable and navigable at a glance. Nothing is hidden away.

    Our client also needed to be able to quickly and easily manage the website to make updates or changes to existing content. We developed a custom, hand built WordPress backend solution to make make sure the client can easily maintain the all the content, sections, and media types on the site independently.

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    Moving on up

    What is WordPress Migration?

    If you have a website that’s built with Wix, Squarespace, or other pre-made web builder tools, and have decided that you need a bit more customization power or you are feeling restricted by the limitations of those systems, we can help you get setup with a tool that allows you more room to grow.

    We’re big fans of WordPress, the #1 Content Management System on the web. It’s powerful, adaptable, and it’s our specialty. If you have an existing website and would like to take advantage of the benefits of the WordPress CMS, we’ll migrate your site — and make some improvements along the way.

    We have a suite of tools and techniques that let us get the most out of WordPress which in turn will let you take advantage of its simplicity and ease of use.

    Featured Project


    SWAT MAPS is a Saskatchewan-based AgTech company that specializes in providing agronomists and farmers around the world with unique software and hardware solutions designed to improve soil and yield potential.

    The SWAT MAPS website is designed to highlight key information for two separate types of users and potential customers, make that information effortless to locate and consume, and make it super simple for all types of users to navigate the whole site quickly and easily — regardless of their type of device or their internet connection speed, or whether they’re in an office or out in the field.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Migration

    We understand that you have questions about our approach to WordPress Migration. We're here to provide the answers. If your question isn't listed here, feel free to ask it during our initial consultation.

    More questions? Let's talk!

    WordPress Migration is the process of moving your WordPress website from one hosting environment to another. This could mean moving to a new hosting provider, changing domains, or moving from a local server to a live one.

    There are many reasons for migrating a website, such as upgrading to a more robust hosting provider, rebranding with a new domain, or launching a site that’s been developed locally. We provide this service to ensure a seamless and hassle-free transition.

    We aim to minimize downtime during a migration. In most cases, your website will remain live, and any downtime – if it occurs – will be during off-peak hours.

    While there is always a minimal risk in data transfer, our expert team follows best practices and uses reliable tools to ensure data integrity during the migration process. Plus, we always perform backups before starting the migration.

    Absolutely! We specialize in migrating websites to WordPress from other Content Management Systems (CMS), including but not limited to Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal, and Wix.

    If you’re using our WordPress Design, SEO, or Hosting services, WordPress Migration is a complementary service. For example, after migrating your website, we can optimize its performance, secure it, or provide ongoing management.

    Once the migration is successfully completed, we perform thorough checks to ensure everything functions as it should. We also offer additional services such as WordPress Management and WordPress Backups to ensure your site remains secure and performs optimally.

    Featured Project

    Wardell Gillis

    Wardell Gillis is a full-service law firm based in Saskatoon.

    Our objective was to design a sleek, modern, and user-friendly website that showcases the firm’s extensive legal expertise and diverse practice areas. The website’s “practice areas” section highlights the firm’s broad capabilities, while the “lawyers” page provides an in-depth look at the individual lawyers and their specialized areas of practice.

    To ensure the website’s content remained up-to-date and easily manageable, we developed a custom WordPress backend solution, enabling the us (or the client) to quickly and easily maintain all content without a hassle.

    Like all Becker Design websites, the Wardell site is lightning fast, effortless to navigate, and works flawlessly on any device.

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    Our Migration Process

    Ready to embark on a WordPress Migration journey? The process unfolds in four key steps: a meeting, a proposal, migration implementation, and ongoing support.

    Step One
    Let’s Chart the Course

    Every successful migration begins with a meeting.

    Once you contact us and share some details about your WordPress Migration project, we’ll schedule a time for a remote meeting (via Zoom or a traditional phone call). These first meetings usually last between thirty to sixty minutes.

    We’ll discuss every facet of your migration — from the complexity and scope of the migration, all the critical deliverables, to your timeframe and budget.

    Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and how your business operates is the foundation of step two.

    Step Two
    Proposal, Strategy, & Launch

    After we grasp your business, your needs, and your goals for the WordPress Migration, we’ll prepare a detailed migration proposal for your consideration.

    Our proposals encompass everything you need to make an informed decision about collaborating with us. They include an outline of the migration plan, a complete breakdown of all tasks, associated costs, and an explanation of our methodologies, our terms, and any other crucial logistical info.

    Nothing is set in stone — we can modify a proposal until it precisely meets your needs. And there’s no pressure. Even if you decide not to work with us, we hope our meeting, discovery, and proposal drafting process advances you towards your ultimate goal.

    If our proposal aligns with your needs and you want to proceed with us, the next step is to begin the project and start the migration implementation phase.

    Step Three
    Migrate, Test, & Refine

    All our migration tasks are executed on a secure, private server that only you and Becker Design can access. A cloned version of your site can be accessed on the web soon after the project officially starts, even though there may not be much to see initially while we handle the migration steps behind the scenes.

    Your existing website remains untouched. It will continue to function as usual while your migration is being performed and perfected in parallel.

    The migration process is only finished when you’re fully satisfied. It’s our job to conduct the migration and then refine it to perfection based on your feedback and guidance.

    Once the migration process is complete, we’ll integrate the migrated site into your live domain without disrupting your regular operations. Congratulations, your website has successfully migrated! But our work doesn’t end here.

    Step Four
    Launch, Monitor & Maintain

    A completed migration isn’t the end, but a new beginning. It requires regular monitoring and updates to accommodate your business’s growth, changes, and the evolving web landscape.

    Becker Design supports the migrated sites for as long as they’re active. For some clients, this has been a 10+ year journey involving continuous monitoring, testing, and optimization as web technology has advanced.

    Rest assured, your migrated website will not only serve your needs but also stay updated, secure, and efficient for a long, long time. We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, your site remains fast, error-free, reliable, and secure. We’ll also make sure any enhancements in tools, systems, and software updates occur seamlessly, keeping your site at the forefront of technology.