Fully custom websites. From scratch.

We design and build 100% fully custom websites for all our clients. No themes, no templates, no messing around. That ensures our designs are tailored to suit your specific need — and that you have ultra fast page load times because there's none of the bloat under the hood.

Lightning fast websites so you don't lose a single visitor ⚡

  • Lightweight framework

    We use the latest, cutting edge fully custom WordPress design frameworks

  • No unnecessary bloat

    Our websites are designed by hand to suit a client’s individual needs. No one-size fits all.

  • Highly optimized

    We use a combination of premium tools and systems to optimize our websites after launch

  • Best-in-class hosting

    Becker Design websites are powered by best-in-class managed WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine & Cloudways

Websited designed to convert, convert, convert

  • Elegant, modern design

    We design and build a modern, fully custom websites based on a foundation of simple, elegant design language that lets our clients’ work speak for itself.

  • Effortless navigation

    Whether your visitors are navigating the site on their smartphone, or you’re showcasing your website on a projector in the board room, we make sure that it’s effortless to navigate and find critical information

  • Iteration & improvment

    Websites aren’t just a painting on a brick wall — they’re living, breathing things. We use data & analytics gathered before the project begins as well as after a site is launched to make sure our design decisions are backed up by real user interaction data

  • Built with SEO always front-and-centre,
    so customers can always find your website

    What We Do

    Premium Web Design Services

    These are the critical services we provide to all our web design clients

    • Custom Website Design

      We design and build 100% fully custom websites for all our clients. No themes, no templates, no messing around. Our designs are tailored to suit your specific need, and they're lightweight and lightning fast

    • WordPress Design

      WordPress is our specialty and the #1 website Content Management System (CMS) on the web. We employ a 100% fully custom & hand-built design and development approach to WordPress sites

    • Search Engine Optimization

      Make sure that search engines know who you are and what you do by checking all the critical on-site and off-site SEO boxes and by having a lightning fast, properly built website

    • Responsive Web Design

      Over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Make sure your website looks great on every kind of device & screen size with a fully responsive website so you don't miss a single visitor

    • WordPress Hosting

      Our fully custom enterprise-level WordPress hosting solution provides the fastest, most reliable, and most secure way to bring your WordPress site to life on the web, with no exceptions

    • WordPress Management

      Master your WordPress website with expert guidance and management. We offer tailored solutions and hands-on support for your WordPress needs.

    • WordPress Security

      Securing your online presence is paramount. We ensure your WordPress site is fortified and safeguarded with our robust WordPress Security solutions

    • WordPress Performance Optimization

      We use cutting edge tools on our servers and leading optimization processes while building websites from scratch that make our WordPress website blazingly fast

    • WordPress Backups

      Securing your website's data is our topmost priority. At Becker Design, we offer comprehensive WordPress Backups services to safeguard your digital assets from the unexpected

    • WordPress Migration

      We'll migrate your site to WordPress so you can take advantage of our favourite open source CMS

    • Email Marketing

      Mastering email communications is key to successful business growth. We provide comprehensive Email Marketing services to reach your target audience directly in their inbox.

    • Not sure where to start? Let's chat.

      Chances are we can find a way to help you out. We're pretty good like that. Let's talk some shop.