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You can never be too safe. Our WordPress Backup service provides peace of mind, ensuring that your site's data is always securely stored and ready to be restored if ever needed.

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Securing your WordPress safety net

Has your WordPress website ever lost data after an update, suffered from a cybersecurity attack, or crashed due to unexpected changes? Or have you ever experienced a server crash that resulted in lost data?

These incidents are unfortunately common in the WordPress website world. Below are some of the key issues we frequently address with our WordPress Backups service.

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We've been providing top-tier WordPress backup solutions for over 15 years. Our intimate understanding of the platform allows us to offer industry-leading backup services to a diverse client base all across Canada. We're masters of WordPress Backups and eager to demonstrate how our expertise can benefit you. Here's a snapshot of how we serve our clients with their WordPress websites.

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What are WordPress Backups?

WordPress Backups is a process that creates copies of your website’s data and files, safeguarding your digital investment against any unforeseen incidents. It is an essential aspect of managing a WordPress site, given the increasing threat of cyberattacks, website hacks, data loss, or even simple human error.

Considering that WordPress powers over one-third of the web, it has become a major target for hackers and malware. This makes having a reliable and regular backup system not just an added bonus, but a necessity for any business running on WordPress.

At Becker Design, we understand the value of your data and the work that goes into creating and maintaining your website. We offer tailored WordPress Backup services that align with your unique needs and ensure you always have an up-to-date copy of your website data. We schedule regular backups and store them securely off-site, so your data is always safe and ready to be restored when needed.

Once we’ve set up your WordPress Backup system, we’ll give you the reins. You’ll have full control and understanding of your backup schedule, with the flexibility to modify it as your business needs change. Of course, our team will always be available for any support and guidance you need.

Whether you’re looking to set up a new backup system for your WordPress website or wanting to improve an existing one, Becker Design has the expertise and tools to ensure your website’s data is always protected and recoverable.

Featured Project

The Ridge on Amisk

Nestled on the shores of Amisk Lake, The Ridge on Amisk offers an unparalleled retreat for guests looking to rest, restore, and explore Northern Saskatchewan’s natural beauty. To capture this tranquil yet adventurous spirit, we delivered a custom WordPress design that vividly showcases the diverse accommodations available—from single/double rooms to log cabins and glamping.

We integrated SEO-rich content to amplify The Ridge’s appeal to travellers seeking an escape into nature, while the intuitive site structure provides effortless navigation between accommodations, dining, and local explorations.

Our WordPress hosting and ongoing management services keep the website running smoothly and securely, allowing guests to find and book their ideal retreat with confidence. Whether guests are lured by Amisk Lake’s fishing spots or Denare Beach’s natural charm, the new site embodies The Ridge on Amisk’s welcoming hospitality and offers a seamless gateway to their next great adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Backups

We know you have questions about our approach to WordPress Backups. We're here to provide answers. If you don't find your question in this list, feel free to ask during our initial consultation.

More questions? Let's talk!

WordPress Backups involve creating a copy of all your website data. This includes your website’s code, database, themes, plugins, media, and more. Backups are essential for website recovery in case of data loss or corruption.

In the digital world, data loss is always a risk – it could be due to hacking, server crashes, or even simple human errors. Regular backups ensure you can quickly restore your website to its original state in such an event, minimizing downtime and loss of business.

The frequency of backups depends on how often you update your website. If you update your site regularly, daily backups may be necessary. If not, weekly or monthly backups may suffice. We provide flexible backup schedules based on your needs.

We store your backups securely on cloud servers separate from your main hosting server. This ensures that your backup data remains safe even if your main server is compromised.

Absolutely! As part of our transparent service, we ensure you have access to your backup files whenever you need them.

WordPress Backups work hand in hand with our other WordPress services. For instance, if you’re using our WordPress Management or WordPress Hosting services, we can integrate the backup process into the overall management of your website.

In such an unfortunate event, having a recent backup is invaluable. We can use the backup files to restore your website quickly and efficiently, minimizing any potential downtime and ensuring your business remains operational.

Featured Project

Woods Law Office

Woods law office in Saskatoon specializes in family law and criminal defence.

Their website showcases their services and their team of lawyers.

We also conducted a successful SEO campaign to help the client reach their goals on Google listings for a range of legal services.

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Our Backup Process

Ready to secure your WordPress with Backups? The four key steps are: a meeting, a proposal, backup implementation, and ongoing support.

Step One
Let’s Plan for Safety

It all begins with a meeting.

Once you reach out and give us a brief on your WordPress Backup needs, we’ll schedule a remote meeting (via Zoom or a standard phone call). Initial meetings usually last about thirty to sixty minutes.

We’ll discuss everything related to your website backup needs — from the frequency and complexity of backups, all the key deliverables, to your time frame and budget.

Understanding your needs and how your business operates will guide us into step two.

Step Two
Proposal, Strategy, & Launch

After we’ve delved into your business, your requirements, and your objectives for website backups, we’ll draft a comprehensive WordPress Backup proposal for your review.

Our proposals detail everything necessary to make an informed decision about partnering with us. They include an outline of your backup routine, a full breakdown of tasks, costs, and a presentation of our methodologies, our terms, and any other important logistical info.

Nothing is rigid — we can adjust a proposal until it precisely caters to your needs. And there’s no pressure. Even if you decide not to work with us, we hope our meeting, discovery, and proposal drafting process guides you towards your ultimate goal.

If you agree that our proposal aligns with your needs and you want to proceed with us, the next step is to kick off the project and start the backup implementation phase.

Step Three
Implement, Verify, & Perfect

All our backup implementation and testing efforts are performed on a duplicate of your live site. This duplicate can be accessed online soon after the project officially starts, although there might not be much to see initially while we handle the backup tasks behind the scenes.

Your existing website remains untouched. It will continue to function as usual while your backup solution is being implemented and refined in parallel.

Your backup solution is only complete when you’re absolutely satisfied. It’s our job to set up the backup system and then fine-tune it to perfection based on your feedback and guidance.

Once your backup system is ready, we’ll integrate it into your live site without interrupting your regular operations. Congratulations, your website is now securely backed up! But our work doesn’t end here.

Step Four
Launch, Monitor & Maintain

A complete backup solution is not a one-time setup. It needs regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure it functions as intended, taking into account your business’s growth and changes, as well as evolving web technologies.

Becker Design supports the backup solutions we set up for as long as they’re needed. For some clients, this has been a 10+ year journey involving regular monitoring, testing, and optimization as web technology has advanced.

Rest assured, your backup system will not only safeguard your data but also provide a smooth recovery process for a long, long time. We’ll ensure everything runs seamlessly behind the scenes, your backups are regular, reliable, secure, and always up to date. We’ll also make sure any enhancements in tools, systems, and software updates occur seamlessly, keeping your site’s backup system at the forefront of safety.