Lightning fast managed WordPress hosting

We have partnered with industry leading managed web hosting providers to ensure that our clients' websites are ultra fast, super secure, and as reliable as possible. In tandem with setup, operation, and oversight provided by Becker Design, our premium managed WordPress hosting solutions serve as the foundation of our ability to deliver world class digital services to all our clients.
Our Preferred Hosting Partners

Security & Support

WordPress powers about ~40% of all websites on the internet. While that's one heck of an endorsement of the power and flexibility of the platform, with that kind of market share comes a higher risk profile in terms of attacks seeking out software vulnerabilities to take advantage of and cause damage.

Becker Design provides advanced website software and server monitoring systems, alongside on-demand support, managed plugin updates, and daily redundant on and off-server (cloud) backup protocols to ensure that our client's websites are always safe and secure, no matter what happens.

With Becker Design, you're in good hands. If anything were to ever happen to your website, we'd be the first to know about it. And we're always an email, text message, or phone call away from providing direct, on-demand support to all our clients.
Our Security Solutions Providers

Upkeep & Evolution

Websites are living breathing things. They should grow and evolve as your business does.

Becker Design is on hand to provide ongoing content updates to your website as needed, whenever you need to let your audience know what's going on in your world. 

We also provide ongoing software systems and tools optimization to make sure that the engine underneath the hood of your website is always properly tuned and making use of the latest and greatest parts.

Premium Tools

Sometimes it takes a carefully compiled and strategically chosen set of premium tools, systems, and plugins to power a cutting edge WordPress website. 

Becker Design maintains a selection of industry leading software licenses that let us bring to life modern, powerful, and flexible websites at a fraction of the cost compared to if we were building every bit of custom functionality from scratch.

All Becker Design clients have access to our full suit of premium tools for as long as we're in charge of hosting and maintaining your website.

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