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Secure WordPress Hosting Services from Becker Design for businesses in Saskatoon and across Canada

Exploring WordPress hosting hurdles

Is your WordPress website frequently down, loading slowly, or lacking in security measures? Or are you running out of bandwidth and storage capacity as your site grows?

We encounter these issues regularly. Here are some of the most frequent complaints we hear about WordPress Hosting.

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Becker Design is your answer to WordPress Hosting challenges. Truly.

For over 15 years, we've been hosting high-performance WordPress websites that stand the test of time. We're fully versed with the platform and use our expertise to provide top-notch, industry-leading hosting services for clients across Canada. We know all the nuances of WordPress Hosting, and we're eager to bring these benefits to you. Here's a glimpse at how we help our clients with their WordPress hosting needs:

Ready for premium WordPress hosting?

Becker Design is a top-tier Canadian WordPress Hosting agency.

We provide secure, high-performance hosting solutions specifically tailored for WordPress websites. Get in touch to schedule a consultation and obtain a free quote.

Kind words from a happy WordPress Hosting client

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  • Deidre L.


    I recently had the pleasure of working with Becker Design & Media to build a website for my local business, and I must say, they did an excellent job. From the initial consultation to the final launch, he was professional, responsive, and attentive to my needs. He listened carefully to my requirements and offered valuable suggestions to improve the site’s functionality and design. The website he built is simply amazing. It’s visually appealing, easy to navigate, and has all the features I need to showcase my products and services. Bryn also made sure that the site was optimized for search…

  • Trusted by hundreds of companies across Canada

    Here are just a few of the companies in Saskatoon and across the country that trust Becker Design & Media with their web presence

    Exploring Further

    More Services Related to WordPress Hosting

    If you're looking at WordPress Hosting, you'll probably be interested in these other services we also provide. When we design and develop new websites from scratch, those projects usually involve a little bit of everything you see here, and more.

    Featured Project

    Luminique Cosmetic & Laser

    Luminique Cosmetic & Laser in Saskatoon is a leading provider of medical aesthetic treatments, like Botox, fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, and laser hair removal.

    The site’s design shines a spotlight on powerful imagery, illustrating how compelling images can tell a story, make an impact, and help to seamlessly funnel viewers to areas of interest.

    This website is modern, clean, and showcases the beauty of the finer details.

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    Let's explore

    What is WordPress Hosting?

    All websites need web hosting. Hosting refers the web server that your website lives on and is accessed whenever someone visits your site. Hosting is usually provided by professional, third-party web hosting companies with large server capabilities.

    We have partnered with a pair of extremely reliable, tried and true web hosting providers. When we design a site for a client, we work with our web hosting provider to find the right kind of server and hosting package that will best serve your specific needs.

    We offer tiered web hosting solutions to fit any kind of web project, from standard business websites, to video portfolios and eCommerce. We will help you decide what hosting plan best serves your website requirements best. With our managed hosting plans we can offer 24-hour support, regular scheduled backups, and staging sites.

    If you need help migrating your website to a different hosting provider, or if you want to use one of Becker Design’s hosting partners, we can help make that transition painless.

    Featured Project

    South East Construction

    From SEC’s website: “South East Construction is a Saskatchewan based multi-trade, industrial and maintenance construction company with our head office located in Esterhazy, SK.”

    The new and improved secon.ca is centred on showcasing SEC’s impressive portfolio of past projects and the connections between those projects to specific service areas.

    Like all our sites, optimizing for performance and page speed was a priority while not sacrificing visual fidelity or functionality.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Hosting

    You've got questions about how Becker Design tackles WordPress Hosting. We've got answers. If your question isn't found below, we encourage you to ask us during our initial consultation.

    More questions? Let's talk!

    WordPress Hosting is a service that hosts your WordPress website on the internet. It provides the necessary technologies and services needed for your website to be viewed online. It’s specially optimized to cater to the unique requirements and challenges of hosting a WordPress website.

    Good WordPress hosting is essential for website performance. With our optimized WordPress hosting, your site will load quickly and maintain high performance even under heavy traffic. This can also positively impact your SEO.

    Absolutely! We can assist with the migration process from your current host to our WordPress optimized hosting service, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition.

    While both types of hosting serve the same basic purpose, WordPress Hosting is specifically optimized for WordPress websites. It often includes additional features to enhance performance, security, and ease of use for WordPress site owners.

    Our WordPress hosting includes a range of security measures tailored to the specific vulnerabilities of WordPress, such as regular software updates, firewall protection, and more. Coupled with our WordPress Security services, we ensure your site remains secure.

    Having a reliable, high-performing website through WordPress Hosting contributes positively to SEO, as site speed and uptime are important factors in search engine rankings.

    Not at all! At Becker Design, we handle all the technical aspects of WordPress hosting for you. However, we provide you with an easy-to-use interface if you prefer to have hands-on control over certain aspects.

    Featured Project

    Axis Vac & HDD

    Axis Vac & HDD is a Saskatoon-based hydro excavation and horizontal drilling company that serves clients across western Canada.

    Their website showcases not only their full range of utility installation services, but also a selection of their most recent projects.

    The website is designed to be fast, informative, and visually striking, with aesthetic elements borrowed from the colours and branding found on some of Axis’ eye-catching hydrovac trucks and other fleet vehicles.

    View Project
    Our WordPress Hosting Process

    Ready to dive into WordPress Hosting? Here are the four crucial steps: a meeting, a proposal, implementation, and sustained support.

    Step One
    Setting the Stage

    Everything begins with a meeting.

    As soon as you reach out to us with your WordPress Hosting needs, we’ll schedule a remote meeting via Zoom or a traditional phone call. These initial meetings typically last about thirty to sixty minutes.

    We’ll delve into the specifics of your hosting requirements, including the scope, key deliverables, and your budget and timeframe.

    Having a solid grasp of your business and its hosting needs lays the foundation for step two.

    Step Two
    Blueprint, Strategy, & Commencement

    Once we understand who you are, what you do, and what your hosting goals are, we’ll craft a comprehensive WordPress Hosting proposal for your review.

    Our proposals include everything you need to make an informed decision. They provide an overview of your hosting features, a thorough breakdown of all the specifications, components, and associated costs, along with detailed information about our systems, terms, and any other important logistical details.

    Remember, our proposals are adaptable. We can tweak them until they cater to your needs perfectly. And rest assured, there’s no pressure. Even if you choose not to work with us, the information garnered through this process will aid you in achieving your end goal.

    If our proposal aligns with your needs and you decide to work with us, we’ll initiate the implementation phase.

    Step Three
    Configure, Deploy, & Fine-Tune

    Our WordPress hosting service is configured and deployed on live, private servers. Access to these servers is exclusive to you and Becker Design.

    If you already have a website, there’s no need to worry. It will remain operational while we configure your new WordPress hosting environment on our servers.

    Your hosting environment is complete only when you give us the green light. It’s our job to set up your hosting service and then fine-tune it to perfection with your feedback and input.

    Once your new WordPress hosting environment is ready, we’ll transfer your site. Congratulations, you now have an optimized, secure, and high-performing hosting environment! But our journey together doesn’t end here.

    Step Four
    Launch, Monitor & Support

    A WordPress hosting environment is not static. It must adapt and scale as your business evolves and as web technologies advance.

    Becker Design provides ongoing support for the hosting services we manage. For some clients, this journey has spanned over a decade, adapting and evolving with changes in technology.

    With Becker Design, your WordPress hosting environment will remain efficient, secure, and future-proof for a long, long time. We ensure everything runs smoothly, your site is fast, error-free, reliable, and secure. We keep the environment updated with the latest software patches, ensuring seamless operation. We’ll also ensure that any updates to tools, systems, and software are applied without interruption.