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High-quality Responsive Web Design Services offered by Becker Design in Saskatoon, Canada

Navigating design challenges

Is your website failing to adapt to different devices, underperforming on mobile platforms, or losing visibility in search rankings?

We encounter this quite often. Below are some of the most frequent complaints we receive about non-responsive web designs.

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Becker Design is your answer to all Responsive Web Design issues. We mean it.

For over 15 years, we've been crafting dynamic and adaptive WordPress websites that lead the industry in design and performance. With a deep understanding of the platform, we've served a diverse range of clients across Canada, delivering websites that not only meet but exceed their expectations. We're excited to leverage our responsive web design expertise for your business. Here's how we assist our clients:

Becker Design & Media in Saskatoon specializes in Responsive Web Design
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Becker Design is a foremost Canadian Responsive Web Design agency.

We ensure that your website is functional, intuitive, and beautiful across all devices and platforms. Reach out to schedule a consultation and secure a free quote.

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Exploring Further

More Services Related to Responsive Web Design

If you're looking at Responsive Web Design, you'll probably be interested in these other services we also provide. When we design and develop new websites from scratch, those projects usually involve a little bit of everything you see here, and more.

Featured Project


SSEP, a collaboration of two rural municipalities and one town in southeastern Saskatchewan, is committed to securing a sustainable and vibrant future for the region. They needed a digital platform that would clearly articulate their economic development vision while highlighting the six pillars identified in their strategic plan. We delivered a fully custom WordPress website that showcases SSEP’s comprehensive approach to sustainable growth across Value-Added Agricultural Processing, Logistics & Distribution, Water for Economic Development, Destination Tourism, Resource Innovation, and Municipal Infrastructure.

The website integrates rich, SEO-optimized content to convey the partnership’s core values, while the intuitive design helps visitors effortlessly explore each community’s unique investment opportunities. Our tailored copywriting brings to life SSEP’s proactive strategies, while robust hosting and ongoing management ensure the site remains fast and secure. By combining strategic content with a modern, modular layout, we ensured that SSEP’s digital presence aligns perfectly with their mission to empower businesses and municipalities to thrive amidst global shifts.

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Exploring mobile design

What is Responsive Web Design?

In 2020, people spent upwards of 70% of their time on the internet on their mobile device. It is now more important than ever that your website is designed from the ground up to be mobile friendly.

That’s why we take a mobile first approach to web design. Mobile first design means that we focus on putting a website’s key information front and centre on small screens. We make sure the entire user experience is accessible and compelling on mobile devices. When we have the luxury of a larger screen — like a laptop or desktop computer — we make great use of that space, too. But everything starts on the phone.

Alongside making sure every website performs flawlessly on every device, we also make sure every website runs smoothly on different web browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more: when your website has full cross-browser support, you don’t need to worry about leaving anyone behind.

Featured Project

The Ridge on Amisk

Nestled on the shores of Amisk Lake, The Ridge on Amisk offers an unparalleled retreat for guests looking to rest, restore, and explore Northern Saskatchewan’s natural beauty. To capture this tranquil yet adventurous spirit, we delivered a custom WordPress design that vividly showcases the diverse accommodations available—from single/double rooms to log cabins and glamping.

We integrated SEO-rich content to amplify The Ridge’s appeal to travellers seeking an escape into nature, while the intuitive site structure provides effortless navigation between accommodations, dining, and local explorations.

Our WordPress hosting and ongoing management services keep the website running smoothly and securely, allowing guests to find and book their ideal retreat with confidence. Whether guests are lured by Amisk Lake’s fishing spots or Denare Beach’s natural charm, the new site embodies The Ridge on Amisk’s welcoming hospitality and offers a seamless gateway to their next great adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Responsive Web Design

You've got questions about how we tackle Responsive Web Design at Becker Design. We're here with answers. If your question isn't mentioned below, don't hesitate to ask during our initial consultation.

More questions? Let's talk!

Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design that makes your website adapt to the size and orientation of the viewer’s screen. It ensures your website looks great and functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

In today’s digital age, with an increasing number of users accessing the web via mobile devices, having a responsive website is crucial. Not only does it provide a better user experience, but search engines like Google also favor responsive designs, which can boost your SEO.

A well-designed responsive website should not be slower. At Becker Design, we prioritize performance along with responsiveness to ensure quick load times across all devices.

A responsive website adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices. The layout might change, but the overall look and feel of your brand will remain consistent.

Yes, we can convert existing websites to responsive designs. Our team will audit your current website and then plan and implement the necessary changes to make it responsive.

Having a responsive website is a key factor in SEO. Search engines like Google give preference to sites that are mobile-friendly, which means responsive design can improve your search engine rankings.

Yes, our responsive web design service integrates with our other offerings such as WordPress Design, SEO, and Email Marketing. We believe in providing a comprehensive digital strategy to our clients, ensuring all elements of your online presence work together seamlessly.

Featured Project


OptimaHR is a Saskatoon-based provider of fractional HR services. They provide on-demand HR services to a wide range of clients all across North America.

This client came to us with a very specific vision for their site. The objective was to attain a super clean, super modern, minimalist vibe to really let the site’s written content shine through.

Like all Becker Design sites, this website is ultra fast, super ligthweight, and designed from the ground up with SEO in mind.

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Our Responsive Web Design Process

Keen to embark on your Responsive Web Design journey? Our method includes four primary steps: an introductory meeting, proposal drafting, project execution, and ongoing support.

Step One
Define Your Digital Blueprint

The journey begins with a meeting.

Once you contact us with your objectives for the web project, we’ll arrange a remote meeting (via Zoom or a traditional phone call) that usually lasts between thirty to sixty minutes.

This meeting will allow us to understand your vision for your responsive website — the project’s size, key deliverables, timeframe, and budget.

Gaining a deeper insight into your business requirements paves the way for the second step.

Step Two
Crafting the Perfect Proposal

With a clear understanding of your business and its responsive web design needs, we’ll create a detailed proposal for your perusal.

Our proposals encompass everything necessary for you to make an informed decision about collaborating with us. This includes an overview of your website’s main features, a detailed breakdown of the specifications, components, and costs, and other critical logistical information such as our systems and terms.

Remember, our proposals are flexible. We can modify them until they meet all your needs. Even if you choose not to proceed with us, the knowledge acquired during this phase will aid in achieving your end goal.

Should you decide to proceed with us, we’ll transition to the project execution phase.

Step Three
Design, Develop, & Refine

Our websites are built on live, private development servers, accessible only by you and Becker Design. The development site can be accessed soon after the project starts, but it may be a couple of weeks until substantial progress is visible as we lay the groundwork for your new site.

If you have an existing website, it won’t be affected. Your current site will continue operating while we build your new responsive site on our development server.

The new responsive site is considered complete only when you’re completely satisfied. We’ll implement your feedback and ensure your new site meets your highest expectations.

When your new responsive site is ready, we’ll replace your old site on your live domain. Congratulations on your new responsive website! However, our journey doesn’t end here.

Step 4
Launch, Monitor & Maintain

A responsive website isn’t static. It changes and adapts as your business evolves and as new web technologies emerge.

Becker Design offers ongoing support for the websites we design. For some clients, this has been a decade-long journey, involving multiple redesigns to stay up-to-date with modern web technology.

With Becker Design, you can be assured that your responsive website will remain beautiful, efficient, and purposeful for many years. We’ll make sure everything is running seamlessly, and your site is fast, error-free, secure, and consistently updated with fresh content. Additionally, we’ll ensure any updates to tools, systems, and software are implemented without disruption.