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The online space for naturopaths is rapidly growing with increased competition for visibility. Our proficiency in naturopathic clinic website design will help your practice stand out and convert website visitors into regular patients.

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Natural and refreshing website design highlighting the holistic approach of a naturopath.

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How do we design a powerful, modern website for a Canadian naturopathic clinic?

To ensure digital marketing success in naturopathic clinic website design, we deploy our extensive range of first-rate website design and development services.

  • Naturopathic Clinic Web Design

    Creating a convincing digital presence for a naturopathic clinic requires expert design services that foster trust and reliability among patients. Our Saskatoon-based naturopathic clinic website designers have a proven track record of delivering just that.

  • Custom Web Development

    We design and build unique websites for our naturopathic clients, accurately showcasing your practice and brand to the appropriate online audience. Your comprehensive range of naturopathic services will be highlighted in a modern and captivating way. Your new site, created with cutting-edge technology, will serve as a functional, flexible, and reliable base for online marketing, and is designed to grow and evolve over time.

  • Custom WordPress Sites

    For our naturopath clients, we construct all our websites using WordPress, an advanced open-source platform for website development and Content Management System. Using WordPress allows us to take advantage of an extensive set of powerful tools and systems, aiding us in lowering costs and reducing development times without compromising on quality, aesthetics, or performance. We don't employ templates or ready-made designs. Instead, our entirely custom front-end design and handcrafted WordPress backend installation facilitate full customization and quick and easy access for editing or publishing new or updated content.

  • WordPress Hosting

    We present top-of-the-line WordPress web hosting servers to our web design clients in the naturopathy industry. This hosting solution implements highly optimized systems to ensure our websites are blazing fast and supremely reliable. Our servers are provisioned using premier US & Canada-based cloud infrastructure providers, and we manage all hosting aspects, including ongoing server/database upgrades.

  • Full Website Management

    We supervise every detail of managing and maintaining your custom WordPress website for naturopathy. We provide on-demand content updates and systems and software updates to ensure that WordPress and all critical plugins are updated securely. We operate rapidly: nearly all regular naturopathy site content updates can be completed within an hour.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    All Becker Design websites developed for naturopaths are designed from scratch to organically improve your visibility on search engine results for naturopathy-related keywords, without requiring extensive off-site SEO work after the site is launched. We employ a purposeful backend site structure, streamlined frontend assets, high-performance hosting technology, and customized, relevant, well-written, search-engine-optimized naturopathy content to ensure your new naturopathic site is SEO-compliant from its inception.

The Journey So Far

Helping our clients achieve online success

Bryn Becker embarked on a web design journey in Saskatoon in 2011, assuming various roles from web design to development, project management, and even accounting. In 2022, Bryn expanded his team and rebranded to Becker Design and Media Group. Our Saskatoon-based web design professionals have partnered with naturopathic clinics of various sizes over the past 15 years, delivering victorious digital marketing and design solutions.

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from our amazing clients

  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Becker Design & Media to build a website for my local business, and I must say, they did an excellent job. From the initial consultation to the final launch, he was professional, responsive, and attentive to my needs. He listened carefully to my requirements and offered valuable suggestions to improve the site’s…

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  • If you own a business and want your website to stand out from your competitors you should really give Becker Design & Media a try. Bryn really knows his stuff. As a business owner myself, I can tell Bryn is very passionate about his work and not just doing it for the money. * * * * * * *…

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  • Bryn was knowledgeable, timely and resourceful. His design was thoughtful and on brand. He was nimble and quick in responding to our schedule. His ongoing support has been essential, and his lighthearted professionalism made the project enjoyable. Highly recommend….

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What Makes a Naturopathic Website Stand Out?

Superior Website Design for Naturopathic Clinics and Professionals

Every naturopathic clinic, irrespective of its size, is striving for market recognition. The online competition is intense, and each clinic seeks to not only appear on the first page of search results but also to stand out uniquely. Potential patients often find the best naturopathic clinics through local organic web searches, thus having an optimized naturopathic clinic website design is integral to your online marketing strategy.

Our web design agency in Saskatoon is known as the top naturopathic clinic website designers in Canada since 2011. We have also assembled a robust list of best practices for naturopathic clinic web design and branding, which we utilize to create unique websites that make a real difference for our clients. Making your naturopathic clinic visible in organic web searches is only half the battle. Engaging visitors on your website with professional design and persuasive content is equally important.

Our expertise extends to both interface design and search engine optimization for naturopaths, gained over nearly two decades of working with naturopathic professionals across Canada and North America.

Designing a website for a naturopathic clinic may seem quite challenging for those unfamiliar with these issues. Our Saskatoon web designers guide each naturopathic clinic through the design and digital marketing processes, from the discovery phase to implementation.

Upon project completion, our goal isn’t just to hand over the reins; we also aim to ensure that you’ve acquired the knowledge to manage your new naturopathic clinic website and brand more effectively, delivering improved marketing outcomes.

Screenshot of Nardella Clinic website, designed in Saskatoon by Becker Design
Screenshot of Nardella Clinic website, designed in Saskatoon by Becker Design

Featured Project

Nardella Clinic

The Nardella Clinic in Calgary is a leading provider of naturopathic health care.

Their website needed to showcase the wide range of conditions they treat as well as their full slate of treatment options.

The site was designed to allow visitors to quickly and easily explore all of the clinic’s offerings and request a consultation with the click of a button.

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Website Design Best Practices for Naturopathic Clinics

Let’s delve into the best practices our Saskatoon web designers use when crafting superior naturopathic clinic website designs.

Responsive Naturopathic Clinic Websites
For the best naturopathic clinic websites, a fully responsive website design is non-negotiable. We’ve learned through our experience and research that a significant portion of web traffic to naturopathic clinic websites comes from mobile search. Given this widespread accessibility requirement, a naturopathic clinic website design that is both fully responsive and optimized for mobile users is essential to the website’s success as a primary digital marketing tool.

Highlight the Clinic’s Services
When users visit your naturopathic clinic website, there are two main pieces of information they seek; services and practitioner profiles. The best naturopathic clinic website design agencies will promptly and efficiently promote your list of services while ensuring a fast and positive user experience on the website. These services should be prominently featured both on your homepage and profile pages with direct links to more comprehensive content about the services.

A custom website UI design coupled with a clear call-to-action ensures that website visitors are swiftly led through the sales funnel.

Practitioner Profile Pages
The second most sought-after information on your naturopathic clinic’s website should be your practitioner profiles. A key feature of our professional naturopathic clinic website design often includes custom photography of each practitioner within the clinic on a landing page that links to each practitioner’s professional profile page. These profile pages offer a personal connection to the viewer, build credibility, communicate your areas of expertise, and provide an opportunity to connect via email, phone, or social media.

Explicit Calls-to-Action and Contact Methods
After investing time, effort, and resources into optimizing your website for search, it’s vital that the naturopathic clinic website design communicates effectively and funnels website users to the appropriate section of the website that holds the information they seek. The best naturopathic clinic websites offer a clear call-to-action, which leads to direct contact information via email, web form, or phone.

The website may also feature prominent CTAs that drive potential patients to areas of the website such as the contact page featuring the naturopathic clinic phone number and contact form, or feature information and resources that your naturopathic clinic wishes to promote (to increase conversions), or other marketing opportunities.

Design SEO-optimised Landing Pages
Naturopathic clinic websites typically offer a range of different services or specialities, and to maximize search engine optimization, each service should have an SEO-optimized landing page for organic search. Each service or specialty area is unique, providing an opportunity to cast a wide net for organic web searches and relevant keywords.

By offering SEO-optimized landing pages for each area of service, the naturopathic clinic website design can also help users focus on what they’ve come to your website to find, without confusion or the distraction of other services that may not be relevant to them at the time.

Website Compliance and Accessibility
As a professional naturopathic clinic, the website must adhere to the highest level of compliance and provide accessible information to all users, whether they use screen readers or a laptop. In addition to refining our website design and web development process to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians Act (AODA), we also partner with a world-class website accessibility AI provider. With a few clicks of a button, this accessibility tool is installed and extends the compliance rating across the full spectrum of WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Leverage the Website for Recruitment
Naturopathic clinics often have a high staff turnover rate, and your website can be a valuable resource for recruiting new practitioners and support staff. Within your naturopathic clinic website design, we suggest having a job board where your clinic or web administrator can easily add new job postings and share these optimized pages on professional job boards and social media.

Utilize Testimonials as a Design Element
Testimonials can significantly contribute to a positive image for your naturopathic clinic if incorporated effectively within the website design. Through our years of experience, we’ve found that using testimonials as a design element to support a specific service (as opposed to creating a dedicated page of testimonials) is more effective in conveying the message and sentiment to visitors.

We limit the number of testimonials – because visitors are unlikely to read more than a handful – and we enhance their graphical presentation making them more appealing to scan or read quickly.

Establish a Naturopathic Clinic Blog
One of the best ways to attract and engage with an audience is to establish a naturopathic clinic blog. Practitioners are very busy and rarely have time to write articles. However, with as little as a single blog post per month, your naturopathic clinic website can demonstrate value to potential patients, play a more active role by promoting community events, and help enhance the attractiveness of your website to search engines.

Natural and refreshing website design highlighting the holistic approach of a naturopath.
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