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Bryn Becker

Founder, Principal & Creative Director
Bryn founded Becker Design & Media in 2011, a year before graduating from the University of Saskatchewan. He has been creating on the web ever since.

Since rolling out his first website, Bryn has grown Becker Design & Media’s portfolio to feature an impressive client roster and long, varied list of completed websites and other projects. He has worked with a wide range of businesses and individuals from Saskatoon, across Canada, and the United States to help bring their ideas to life on the web.

The internet is a living, breathing thing. It permeates more aspects of our lives than anyone would have guessed even a decade ago. By staying immersed in the latest web technologies, trends, systems and strategies, Bryn and Becker Design & Media stays on the cutting edge of website design and digital marketing in Saskatoon and abroad.

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