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We may not build your first website, but we'll damn well build your last one

Your website woes are over.

Unlike many of our contemporaries in this industry, we don't just build websites and then let them gather dust or fall apart. We're all about the long term relationship and sticking with our clients as their business and their digital marketing needs evolve.

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"We may not be big,
but we're small"

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Becker Design & Media has been designing and developing custom websites and digital marketing strategies for 15+ years. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of clients in Saskatoon and across Canada make their mark on the web and reach their digital marketing goals. We’ve never had a bad review. We’ve never charged a penny more than we needed to to get the job done on time. Every year brings exciting new challenges and opportunities to help new and existing digital marketing clients take advantage of all the marketing tools at their fingertips. And we’re not slowing down.

We’re all about the relationship

We’re not the kind of digital agency that builds you a website and then disappears never to be heard from again. That happens with alarming frequency in this industry and it’s a shame (and if it’s happened to you, well… don’t hesitate to get in touch.)

From the minute we sit down to chat about digital strategy for the first time, to when your new custom website is launched, and further on months or years down the road when we’re making website tweaks or adjusting your successful SEO campaign, a healthy, productive, happy relationship serves as the cornerstone of the success we have with our clients.

We’ll never make you sit through endless phone menus or deal with auto-response emails. Bryn and anyone else you work with at Becker Design is available any time you need to look after issues on a personal basis as they may arrive.

Unique skills and experience

We’ve done the big agency thing and we’ve done the freelance thing. We’ve built websites, designed billboards, written TV commercials, hired actors, managed multi-media ad campaigns, promoted clients on the local news, thrown events and concerts, setup servers, recovered lost data, plugged in printers, held fancy photo shoots, painted murals and recorded jingles… The list goes on.

Ultimately, these combined experiences have helped us to walk in the shoes of such a wide range of industries and market segments that very few things are surprising anymore. No tools are unfamiliar. Nothing method is out of the question when it comes to making waves for your business.

Crazy high quality, not high prices

We charge the right amount of money to build your website properly. Not a penny more or less. It’s that simple. No project is too big or too small. We’ll find a way to work with you to bring it to life. It helps that we don’t need you to subsidize our flashy downtown office space because, well, we don’t have an office.

We deliver big agency quality with boutique agency prices because we’re confident in the work we do and we understand the business of the web design industry — and we know that not every business has $100,000 to spend on a website.

Full service web design

From start to finish, Becker Design will see you through the process of designing, developing, launching, maintaining and updating a new custom website.

It all starts with a strategic consulting session to learn about your goals and objectives and deliver a full spectrum proposal that covers everything you need — from web hosting, to email setup and management, to E-commerce and daily website backups.

Once your site is launched, we’re here to help drive the right kind of traffic to your site to engage with your products and services. Our digital strategy toolkit will help you target the ideal audience.

If you’re not in the market for a brand new custom website, that’s great too! We’ll help you optimize and revitalize your existing website, or migrate it to WordPress so you can take the reins and make changes yourself.

Becker Design is proud to be a full service website design provider — and we can’t wait to help you make your mark on the web.