• Manos Restaurant

    Manos is one of Saskatoon’s most loved and well established restaurants. Their website needed to reflect the same warm, comfortable, and inviting feeling that diners feel when they walk in the doors and are greeted by a host.
  • The Victorian Hotel

    The Victorian Hotel is a uniquely Vancouver property that highlights the best of its locale. Within the brick facade of both historic buildings, there graces an era of open spaces inspired by high-ceilings and solidity of past century construction.
  • Brow Babe Studio

    You won’t find a more local crew of prairie girls than the group of women behind the Brow Babe Studio and owner Lizzie Wiggens. As Lizzie puts it, her staff are “all born and raised in Saskatoon, and while I might be biased, some of the most talented artists I have ever met”.
  • Calories Restaurant

    Simple. Local. Delicious. That’s the motto that Calories – one of Saskatoon’s most venerable fine dining and dessert hotspots – operates by. And so that’s the same approach we took when designing their website.
  • Chris Lambiris

    Chris is a certified financial planner in Saskatoon. His website needed to be modern and professional. It needed to showcases his range of financial services and allow potential clients to get in touch quickly and easily.
  • Mokuruk & Woods Law Office

    M&W Law in Saskatoon needed a website to showcase the unique services provided by their law firm. Take a look at what we did for their website.
  • Hyperion Woodworking

    Hyperion Woorking in Saskatoon is a provider of high-end staircases, railings and custom woodworking solutions. Hyperion’s website is designed to standout through clean lines, stunning client-supplied photographer, and simple layout and functionality — mirroring the work they provide to their clients.
  • Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra

    The Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra is YXE’s premier professional big band jazz ensemble. In addition to website design, we are happy to provide ongoing marketing, advertising, poster design, ad campaign design, and other publicity materials to the SJO on an ongoing, seasonal basis.
  • iSask Mortgage Brokers

    iSask Mortgage Brokers in Saskatoon provides mortgage broker services and is your go-to source for all things mortgage.
  • Reveal Exteriors

    Reveal Exteriors is a Saskatoon-based contractor specializing in residential, commercial, and multi-family siding and exterior finishing. Reveal’s website needs to showcase the quality of the services they provide and serve as an online destination to explore their catalogue of finished projects.
  • Ideal Auto Paint Solutions

    Ideal Auto Paint Solutions in Saskatchewan’s top auto paint and autobody shop equipment supplier. The goal with their website design was to showcase their list of top-quality suppliers and the equipment they have available to autobody shops across Western Canada.
  • Pink Wig Foundation

    The Pink Wig Foundation website has to showcase their mission and vision, as well as highlight fundraising events (with online fundraising tools), events, and foundation recipients.
  • Mesa Mechanical

    Mesa Mechanical Inc. is Saskatoon’s highest rated plumbing, heating, and cooling professional service provider. Our goal with their website design was so showcase their plumbing services (as well as heating, cooling and other construction contracting services) in a simple and compelling way.
  • ABA Tech Solutions

    ABA Tech Solutions is a Saskatoon IT service provider that brings professionalism, speed, and modern technology to all their information technology customers. The goal of this website design was to showcase all of ABA Tech’s IT solutions in an easy to navigate way, and allow visitors and potential customers to quickly and easily request an estimate related to the specific sub-service they require.
  • Oakstead Landscaping

    Oakstead Tree Service is a Victora, BC based landscaping and arborist. Their website is designed to showcase their services as well as appear high on search engine resuls, while allowing for online consultation requests.
  • JJ Custom Framing

    JJ Custom Framing in Saskatoon needed a website to showcase their professional framing services. Their website needed to highlight their construction work while also showing up high on search engines for their services.
  • Salon Grea

    Salon Grea is a premier Saskatoon hair salon located off Broadway in Saskatoon.Their website showcases the vibe of their studio, while highlighting their stylists and the services they offer.
  • Saskatooning

    When Tourism Saskatoon asked me for help devising and launching a new, forward-facing lifestyle blog to help showcase the Saskatoon lifestyle — “Saskatooning” was born.
  • Rematee Anti Snoring Shirt

    Rematee’s website highlights their unique anti-snoring medical health product. This site is built with Shopify. Users can learn about the product and easily place an order online.
  • Black Heart Restoration

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