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Screenshot of Seguin Sports website, designed in Saskatoon by Becker Design

Seguin Sports Management in Saskatoon is the home of two fitness clubs: the Saskatoon Fencing Club and Hub City Boxing Club.

Seguin Sports needed a centralized eCommerce hub to allow new and existing members to purchase and manage their memberships to the clubs. Members needed to be able to see all membership options as well as have direct access to their own accounts to manage/pause/resume recurring payments.

This website is an eCommerce platform built on WordPress + WooCommerce and handles subscriptions and recurring payment processing with Stripe.

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    from a happy client

    Lynn Seguin

    Seguin Sports

    I was lucky to find Becker Design & Media, and grateful I did! There certain things that were important to me – someone local, someone who would respond to my emails and someone who knew that I had website issues that needed fixing today, not 3 months from now. It was very clear right from the start that Becker Design & Media not only filled each of these important requests, but then just went above and beyond.

    Right from the start Becker Design & Media took charged and made sure I could have my websites (all 3 of them) running so I could take payments on each site. Becker Design & Media replied to all my emails and texts and then had several zoom meetings right away to discuss things in more depth. All my questions and concerns were met with a positive reply, as if nothing was impossible! I know that Becker Design & Media worked very hard and diligent in making sure my website worked and did so in record time. This was because they knew how important this part was to me and my business. This business decision for a new website has paid off in several ways – better interaction with clients, easy navigation through each website and my company looks great online! Becker Design & Media continues to supported me with after sale service plus support in making sure my new booking app functions from each of my websites.

    I am very lucky to have found Becker Design & Media, they will be apart of my business team for a long time to come!