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Fenton Travel is a Saskatchewan based travel agency that specializes in providing comprehensive trip and vacation planning services to a wide range of customers.

This website was designed to be a visual showcase of the types of enticing travel packages clients may want to explore.

It was important to highlight the different types of trips the travel agency specializes in, as well as making it easy for potential clients to understand what services a travel agent provides, and allow them to get in touch to request services quickly and easily.

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There are some things that are best left to the professionals – web design is one of them.

I recently hired Bryn with Becker Design & Media to create a new website after rebranding my travel business. My previous template website provided for free from my host agency, was just plain boring, with no specific call to action or focus. Bryn’s suggestions were spot on. He was a pleasure to work with, quick to respond and always explained why, when some of my design ideas were less than ideal in the online world. I appreciate his taking the time to educate me as well as providing a fresh professional looking website.

I’m excited that I can do simple revisions with the tutorial he provided after launch and he’s assured me he’s available for support, which is one of the main reason’s I hired him, based on another of his client’s reviews for his stellar ongoing support.

Kathylynne Fenton

Fenton Travel

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